Vida Markets expands funding/withdrawals options for FX traders with Cricpayz


“Here at Vida Markets, we pride ourselves on offering an all-in-one ecosystem, characterized by a comprehensive multi-asset platform complemented by the convenience of same-day deposits and withdrawals.”

Retail FX and CFD broker Vida Markets has entered into a strategic partnership with payments platform Cricpayz, acknowledging the critical importance of swift and flexible payment solutions for traders navigating volatile financial markets.

The need for flexible and rapid payment options is paramount. Vida Markets, recognizing this imperative, has chosen to collaborate with Cricpayz, an innovative payment platform.

Vida Markets users can choose Cricpayz for Net Banking or UPI

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest partnership with Cricpayz, a new Payment Service Provider (PSP), as part of our ongoing commitment to enriching our clients’ financial interactions,” said the company.

“Cricpayz is specifically crafted to offer enhanced convenience and ease, transforming the way our clients manage their transactions. When opting for Net Banking or UPI, users can now choose Cricpayz from the deposit options for a more efficient, seamless payment journey. At Vida Markets, our goal is to consistently provide a peerless experience underpinned by first-rate service tailored to the evolving preferences of market contestants.”

Cricpayz, a dynamic PSP in India, is recognized as an Alternative Payment Method (APM) that enhances financial flexibility. It supports popular methods like UPI and Net Banking, accommodating a broad range of transactions. The minimum deposit for both UPI and Net Banking is set at $25, with varying limits for deposits and withdrawals based on the chosen method.

“Here at Vida Markets, we pride ourselves on offering an all-in-one ecosystem, characterized by a comprehensive multi-asset platform complemented by the convenience of same-day deposits and withdrawals. Our suite of services includes a variety of account types and multiple tradable assets to cater to diverse trading needs, the innovative VM Social for enhanced community interaction, and robust support to ensure smooth trading experiences. Our commitment is to deliver the most optimal services, tailored to meet and exceed the unique requirements of each of our clients, making sure that their trading journey with us is both successful and fulfilling,” the company added.

Vida Markets, a FX/CFD broker member of the Financial Commission

Registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Vida Markets offers a range of trading options, including Forex, contract-for-differences (CFDs), indices and bullion, via MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

The company is a registered trading name of Vida Global Markets LLC. VIDA is also authorized to provide services in the UAE under Sterling Financial Brokers, a firm that is Authorised and Regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

It’s been a year since the Financial Commission approved FX broker Vida Markets to obtain its membership. Vida Markets status as an Approved Broker Member of the Financial Commission took effect on December 12, 2022.

The addition of Vida Markets to its member roster provides stakeholders with access to a wide range of services and membership benefits including, but not limited to, protection for up to €20,000 per the submitted complaint.

The Financial Commission is an independent international service that offers the resolution of disputes with the aim of resolving trader-broker conflicts. The commission is supported by the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC), which in turn is comprised of recognized industry professionals. It operates as an independent international service that helps facilitate a simpler resolution process than through typical regulatory channels, such as arbitration or local court systems.

All clients of members of the Financial Commission are protected by the Compensation Fund which acts as an insurance policy. The Financial Commission also issues execution certifications for approved brokers‎ as the industry-specific association attempts to reduce the number of execution-related disputes that occur before they progress into formal complaints.


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