Tunnel toll plan set for Dec


The Government today announced that time-varying tolls will be implemented at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, the Eastern Harbour Crossing and the Western Harbour Crossing from 5am on December 10.


The Secretary for Transport & Logistics has correspondingly made the Road Tunnels (Government) (Amendment) Ordinance 2023 (Commencement) Notice to specify the provisions relating to the charging of time-varying tolls will come into operation from that time.


An amendment ordinance was enacted in July, including provisions on the charging of different tolls at the three road harbour crossings for different time slots, aimed at changing the commuting pattern of motorists so as to alleviate traffic congestion during peak hours.


The Government noted that the operation of the road harbour crossings has been generally normal since the gradual implementation of the HKeToll at the three harbour crossings in mid-2023 and the first step of adjusting the toll levels of the three tunnels, ie the “633” fixed toll plan, which came into effect on August 2.


Cross-harbour traffic has continued to increase in recent months and largely returned to pre-pandemic levels. It is expected that cross-harbour traffic will continue rising with the further resumption of social and economic activities.


The Government said it is preparing for early implementation of the second phase of time-varying tolls at the road harbour crossings in accordance with the amendment ordinance to restrict and divert cross-harbour traffic during the peak hours.


With the implementation of time-varying tolls, the traffic diversion effect at the three crossings will be more obvious than that of the existing “633” fixed toll plan, it added.


The commencement notice will be gazetted on October 13 and tabled at the Legislative Council for negative vetting on October 18.


Click here for details of the implementation of the time-varying tolls. 


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