Time Planning

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

                                            Chinese Proverb

Time Planning : Key Considerations

Formulate Plans and Set Objectives

Planned objectives should be set against available time. Such objectives should be achievable and meaningful. Actual results should be monitored on a regular basis. Once objectives are achieved, you should find ways to reward yourself so as to continue incentivizing you to create new objective. 

Develop And Perform Habitual Tasks

One should lead a regular and disciplined lifestyle after retirement. There should be daily routines that need to be observed. This could help keep you both physically and mentally engaged. 

Find New Hobbies & Interests

Developing hobbies and interests that can stimulate your mind and enhancing your physical fitness are essential to feel energized and spirited after retirement, especially when you have much more time on hand to spend. You should always maintain a positive and happy attitude and outlook. Possessing a healthy mental mindset is an essential ingredient for a successful retirement.

Initiate/commit to establish a family bond

Having regular family gatherings can make you feel happier and closer with your family members. Offering help to look after your grand-children is a highly recommended win-win task if it can be arranged. Celebrating birthdays and festive seasonal events such as Chinese New Year, Christmas etc with family members are encouraged.

Gather friends/ex-colleagues to reminisce about good old times

Efforts should be made to meet with friends, ex-colleagues or business associates, over a meal or drink on a regular basis to exchange recent news around us and reminisce about good old days. This would be beneficial to everyone involved as people like to talk about past fun events that were experienced together.  

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