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As a young child, I used to love waking up early in the morning. Catching the early bird, as it were. I think my waking up early was in part fuelled by the seemingly boundless energy that I had as a child. A feeling of excitement about the little things; the butterflies that would precede special occasions weeks in advance.

This morning I lazily listened to an episode of one of my favourite podcasts: Oxide and Friends. I was mostly tuned out as I was not yet awake (There is something amusing about the word choice of “tuned out” while listening to a podcast!). I walked, then arrived at a cafe, in which I am presently seated. When I arrived at the cafe, I noticed a young woman sitting at the window, beverage by her side, and fingers on laptop. Another early bird.

Someone else just walked into the cafe, exclaiming “hello!” with a child-like excitement.

We all treat mornings in our own way. Some like to sit quietly in a corner to start their day; others have a first rush of passionate energy that they share with the world.

Peaceful music plays in the background, a dog looks in my direction, I sip a caffeinated beverage. A bus drives past; more come.

Good morning.

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