Sci-Fi Horror Sees Danielle Harris as a Murderous AI


Gravitas Ventures will unlock their 2024 slate with the North American VOD release of Project Dorothy, a new sci-fi thriller from director George Henry Horton starring scream queen Danielle Harris. 

What is Project Dorothy?

Project Dorothy was directed by George Henry Horton (Dreadspace, Dark Obsession), from a script by Ryan Scaringe (Useless Humans, Eradication) and Horton. Horton produced for Liberty Atlantic Studios and Scaringe under his Kinogo Pictures shingle. Project Dorothy stars genre icon Danielle Harris (the Halloween franchise, the Hatchet franchise) as the titular AI, alongside Tim DeZarn (The Cabin in the Woods), Adam Budron, Emily Rafala (Katy Keene), Olivia Scott, and Horton himself.

You can watch the trailer for Project Dorothy below.

James and Blake, small-time criminals, flee the police and take refuge in an abandoned scientific facility. Their attempt to restore power activates an AI, DOROTHY, responsible for the former occupants’ demise. They realize their predicament is worse than evading the law; they must use their streetwise instincts to thwart DOROTHY’s escape into the world.

Project Dorothy debuts on Cable and Digital VOD January 16, 2024, including Prime Video, Vudu, Vubiquity, Cox, and Comcast.


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