Rail incident response drill held


Police today conducted an exercise to enhance the response capabilities of the force, the MTR Corporation (MTRC) and various government departments in handling large-scale incidents in the railway system.


The exercise was carried out in collaboration with the MTRC, the Fire Services Department (FSD), the Auxiliary Medical Service and St John Ambulance, with over 1,000 personnel taking part.


It simulated a train incident at MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station involving multiple casualties. Some passengers left the train through the rear detrainment ramp and walked along the track tunnel to the platform at Jordan Station.


Police officers and emergency service personnel rushed to the scene and worked with MTRC staff on the evacuation of passengers and rescue operations. A triage station, set up at the scene to handle casualties, deployed a patient tagging system to keep track of the situation.


Police officers, MTRC staff and FSD personnel then entered the tunnel to conduct initial investigations and search for casualties. Officers from the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department and the Transport Department were present to observe the drill.


Police said the force will maintain close contact with all stakeholders and conduct regular inter-departmental exercises, adding that it is well prepared to safeguard the lives and safety of citizens in all situations.


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