– CE visits Yuen Long


Chief Executive John Lee today visited local residents in Yuen Long to listen to their views on the upcoming Policy Address and also inspected the effective outcome of tackling hygiene black spots in the district.
Mr Lee called on a grassroots family living in a subdivided flat to find out about their living conditions and the issues they face in their daily lives and with raising children.
He then proceeded to inspect a hygiene blackspot on Yuen Long New Street to learn more about the effectiveness of the joint efforts by the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department and Police in combatting shop front extensions.
Mr Lee also chatted with citizens along the street and was pleased to receive their positive feedback regarding the improvement in hygiene and their support for government measures.
The Chief Executive pointed out that over 700 hygiene black spots have been eliminated since the launch of the Government Programme on Tackling Hygiene Black Spots last August, resulting in enhanced environmental hygiene and cityscape.
Furthermore, cleansing work has been strengthened in more than 4,000 public places under the same programme led by a district matters task force chaired by the Deputy Chief Secretary.
Mr Lee said under the strengthened district governance structure, co-ordination and co-operation in district work will be better promoted to benefit society.
At a local restaurant, Mr Lee chatted with citizens who were having morning tea there and listened to their views on the next Policy Address.
He said: “I have felt the support and demand from the public for the Government to make continuous improvement of their livelihood and living conditions, and I can feel everyone’s deep affection for Hong Kong, our home.”
The Chief Executive added that he and his team will continue to visit different districts to hear citizens’ views, and will do their utmost for the people’s livelihood and the economy.


Moreover, he called on members of the public to give their views on the upcoming Policy Address to the Government.
Deputy Chief Secretary Cheuk Wing-hing, Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan, Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho and Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak accompanied Mr Lee on the visit.


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