Logistics initiatives shared in Beijing


On day two of his trip to Beijing, Secretary for Transport & Logistics Lam Sai-hung shared Hong Kong’s development in smart mobility and smart logistics at a thematic session of the Global Sustainable Transport Forum (2023).


He noted that Hong Kong has one of the world’s leading public transport systems, airports and port facilities, with about 90% of daily passenger trips made on public transport, which is one of the highest in the world.


In terms of land transport, citizens benefit from over 1,000 sets of traffic detectors on the roads and receive real-time traffic information through mobile apps for better travel planning. In addition, since this May, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has been progressively implementing HKeToll, a free-flow tolling service, at a number of government tolled tunnels, which has helped smooth the traffic flow.


Mr Lam also briefed the participants on how Hong Kong is using innovation and technology to drive the development of the aviation industry.


“Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has already achieved full 5G network coverage, which helps the airport industry to expand the use of automation and other technologies. We are also actively identifying potential airport risks through data analysis and the use of the Digital Twin of the airport.”


On the maritime and logistics front, Mr Lam highlighted that the Hong Kong SAR Government has launched the HKIA Cargo Data Platform, which uses technologies such as blockchain and cloud computing to digitise, synchronise and standardise documents and workflows.


“This enables the air cargo industry to communicate, share data and track shipment status on the same platform, thereby helping to enhance the efficiency of air cargo handling.”


He added that the Hong Kong SAR Government is striving to build a Smart Port through establishing a digital port community system to facilitate information flow among different stakeholders in the maritime, port and logistics industries.


The logistics chief returned to Hong Kong in the evening.


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