KSI vs Tommy Fury LIVE: Reaction as The Nightmare claims he was’ ROBBED’ against TNT and plans to appeal the decision



Follow Mail Sport’s live blog as KSI takes on Tommy Fury in the main event from the AO Arena, Manchester as well as updates from all of the undercard action.

Tommy Fury makes bizarre statement after win

Then he called out the Paul’s…

Tommy Fury’s win dubbed as a ‘SHAM’

Goodnight boxing fans

That ends Mail Sport’s coverage of KSI vs Tommy Fury.

That turned out to be more controversial and dramatic than we could ever imagine.

Be sure to keep up to date with Mail Sport as we bring you the latest news regarding KSI’s appeal.

Keemstar plans PBA protest

YouTuber Keemstar is planning a protest after tonight’s result.

KSI’s community are not letting this result go lightly.

More Ryan Garcia content

KSI did say that he’d be open to fight Ryan Garcia one day…

Jake Paul rubbing salt in the wound

DAZN CEO believes KSI was ‘robbed’

This isn’t a good look…

Sorry, Viddal!

I take back my suggestion for Tommy Fury’s next fight…

Carl Froch blasts Misfits event

Fans are trying to figure out how KSI lost

Ryan Garcia wasn’t a fan of the main event

Jake Paul enjoyed that one

Viddal Riley vs Tommy Fury – who says no?

Vidal Riley has wanted the Tommy Fury fight for as long as I can remember.

TNT has wanted none of it so far, but if he’s serious about challenging for world titles, he has to face him at some point.

They both have a following, it would just make sense. But will Fury accept it?

What’s next for KSI?

If Jake Paul has his eyes set on the Tommy Fury rematch, what’s next for KSI?

Conor McGregor seems keen to fight him.

Going back to fight influencers is a step back. KSI is a level above that now.

Eddie Hearn says KSI won the fight

Eddie Hearn has backed KSI as tonight’s winner.

The full KSI and Tommy Fury argument

Things got heated in the ring after the decision

Conor McGregor hints at KSI fight

What’s next for Tommy Fury?

Let’s say the appeal goes nowhere.

What does he do next? One minute he wants titles, the next he says bring on the Paul’s…

What a night of boxing

Say what you like about these events, but they do not lack entertainment.

KSI will feel hard done by, and so he should, but he and Misfits put on another incredible event.

KSI: ‘I was robbed’

KSI has had to be escorted away after punching a screen behind him.

Before he left, he said: ‘I understand the Fury name. I won it. It’s outrageous. Minus a point as well. I landed the cleanest shots. He couldn’t get any jabs off.

‘I was bang on the money. How!? Double jabs on. I don’t know what he did. Fury landed 12 punches the whole fight and he won it?

‘I f***ing hate losing man.’

Chris Eubank Jr says KSI should have won

Chris Eubank Jr has weighed in as he says: ‘I thought KSI landed the cleanest shots. Was moving better, boxing better. The points deduction was huge. Boxing is a strange thing’

A controversial result

KSI believes he won the first three round, and with the deducted point on top of that it should have been a clear win for him in his eyes.

KSI speaks

‘Robbery bro . How many jabs did you land? You got hardly any shots,’ asks KSI.

‘I’m the YouTuber, you’re the boxer. You have to win. I understand.

‘The amount of times he hit me in the back of the head. So many times. He was just grabbing me. I’m sorry. It’s outrageous. We’re going to appeal. I want to appeal. I need to see it again. I felt like I won that’.

Tommy Fury on KSI

‘Listen, he’s an awkward man. At the end of the day I got the victory. We are 10-0.’ said Tommy Fury.

‘I haven’t spoken to him. A lot went in the build-up. I’m done with this cross-over s***. Any of the Paul’s want it, I welcome it with open arms’.


Something doesn’t add up here.

The first judge had it as a draw and the other two in favour of Tommy Fury.

To the judges…

KSI may have just won this.


It’s gone to the last round.

A must-win round six after the earlier points deduction for Tommy Fury.

TNT has been reluctant to throw heavy punches as KSI gets on the inside again.

More KSI advice

‘Aim lower on your f***ng shot’ screams KSI’s coach Alexis Demetriades.


They’ve landed 26 punches each going into this round.

KSI is screaming ‘let go of me’ as the pair fight on the inside.

Fury has landed more punches this round and could put him ahead with a late flurries.

Idris Virgo predicts a KSI knock-out

KSI’s sparring partner Idris Virgo says that these are the rounds KSI gets the knock-outs in in sparring.

Tommy Fury hits after the bell

KSI’s coach is fuming and so he should be.

Alexis Demetriades steps in the ring to complain after Tommy Fury hit his fighter after the bell.


Tommy Fury’s corner are telling him to jab but KSI won’t let him.

There’s a lot of clenching going on and Fury is complaining to the referee, who is having none of it.

KSI’s coach speaks

Alexis Demetriades tells KSI to ‘go all in on him now’.

‘It’s his round, but we’re still up,’ he tells KSI.


KSI is looking impressive.

Tommy Fury just doesn’t have answers.

TNT is using his weight in the clench on KSI.

He’s trying to tire KSI out, but in a six-round fight there may not be enough time.

KSI’s coach speaks

Alexis Demetriades tells KSI that he’s won every round and is doing well.


For the second time, Tommy Fury hits KSI on the back of the head.

This time a point is taken away.

That is HUGE in a six-round fight.


KSI is bouncing up and down inviting Tommy Fury on, who connects with a jab.

Fury hits the back of KSI’s head once again and the referee takes a point.

The pair are showing unbelievable cardio.


KSI hits a big shot on Tommy Fury early on.

Towards the end of the round, Fury hits KSI on the back of the head.

No point is taken though.

Boxing - KSI v Tommy Fury - AO Arena, Manchester, Britain - October 14, 2023 KSI in action against Tommy Fury Action Images via Reuters/Jason Cairnduff


The bell sounds and they’re off!

Can KSI do the impossible? We’ll know soon enough.

National anthem

We’ll have the national anthem before the fight gets underway.

The one we’ve all been waiting for,

Giggs walks KSI out

KSI is walked out by musical artist Giggs.

He’s looking ready to go.

KSI enters in a Lamborghini

A throwback to classic KSI here.

He enters in a green Lamborghini while his first hit plays.

This should be a ‘Thriller’

A great choice of song by TNT.

He walks out to Thriller. Let’s hope for one in the ring.

Tommy Fury walks out

Tommy Fury walks first to the ring.


Up next – the main event.

Logan Paul on what’s next for him

‘I forgave Dillon before this fight started,’ says Logan Paul in the ring. ‘But he called himself a real fighter? What are you talking about?

‘Hey McGregor I took your b**** on a leash and took him for a walk! Who’s the real fighter now? If Dillon pays me his whole purse I’ll do him in MMA as well.

‘This is a hobby for me. I’m a WWE superstar. I’m moving back to the WWE. I have my eye on something, on someone. I’m an American boy. I want that US title. Rey Mysterio I already beat you once and I’m coming for that championship.

‘Maybe if Conor McGregor wants to stand up for his b**** I’ll face him next year.’


And Dillon Danis is disqualified.

Insane end to the fight

Dillon Danis tried to take Logan Paul down in the ring. Jake Paul hopped in.

Dillon threw punches at security guards.

Logan wins, whether it’s by points or as a no contest.

How it looks

By the end of round four Dillon Danis had landed nine punches.

Logan Paul landed over 80…

Looks like we’re heading to a points victory unless something changes going into the final round.

Dillon Danis is surviving…

Into round five and he’s still standing.

Logan Paul has won every round but Dillon Danis is still in it, kind of.

Dillon Danis still hasn’t thrown a punch

He’s trying to tire out Logan Paul.

It’s crazy but it might just work.

Paul has let off a flurry of late shots, but Danis doesn’t seem rocked.

Dillon Danis bleeding already

Dillon Danis is already bleeding.

Logan Paul has a black eye, although that is from the microphone that Danis threw at him earlier this week.

Logan Paul tells Dillon Danis he forgives him

Logan Paul kept mouthing ‘I forgive you’ to Dillon Danis before the fight.

They refused to touch gloves.


Logan Paul couldn’t stay focused during the national anthem, he was looking into the crowd and shouting.

Let’s see if he can compose himself for the fight.

Crowd boo American national anthem

I’m not sure why but the crowd are booing the American national anthem…

Dillon Danis has shown up

Dillon Danis may take ringwalk of the night. He’s here and he’s here to fight.

I’m not sure Tommy Fury will be too happy with his choice of song though, as he walks out to freed from desire AKA Fury’s on fire…

Logan Paul walks to the ring

I hate to say it but there’s some nervous energy I’m sensing from Logan Paul…

Talk about intimidation…

Ariel Helwani pick Dillon Danis

They may have had their differences but Ariel Helwani has picked Dillon Danis to BEAT Logan Paul.

He said that the MMA star is calm and cool in his dressing room while Logan Paul is more excited.

Also, he believes Logan’s cut could play a part…

UP NEXT: Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis

The co-main event comes next.

Jarvis wants Slim

Misfits announced Jarvis will be fighting under their promotion in the future.

He gets in the ring to call out Slim.

What a fight this would be!


Slim unleashes on Salt Papi and knocks him out!

We have a new champion and Slim remains unbeaten after a slow start.

Salt Papi and Slim are going at it…

Slim looks like he stole round three there.

It’s been all Salt Papi up until the end.

Reminder: This is the last fight before the co-main events.

Tommy Fury relaxing ahead of his fight

DAZN have just shown us Tommy Fury in his changing room, top off and on a massage table.

He was dancing and smiling ahead of his fight.

NEXT UP: Salt Papi vs Slim

This is one of the biggest fights in influencer boxing.

The pair are two of the best boxers in the scene, and close friends.

There can only be one winner though. Salt Papi takes on Slim next.

Tyson Fury hints that he could fight on Misfits one day

This would be INCREDIBLE!

Tyson Fury was asked if he’d consider fighting on Misfits one day.

He simply replied: ‘Never say never.’

The Gypsy King was very complimentary of the event too.

KSI vs Tommy Fury – Key information

The pair are expected to walk to the ring at around 10.50pm / 5.50pm ET / 2.50pm PT / 7.20am ACST (Sunday) / 7.50am AEST (Sunday).

The fight will be broadcast live on DAZN, with coverage starting at 7pm.

A subscription to DAZN currently costs from £9.99 per month in the UK.

Tonight’s action is priced at £19.99 in the UK.

Tyson Fury riles the crowd up

Tyson Fury takes to stage to get the crowd on their feet but ends up being boo’d after suggesting Tommy Fury will knock KSI out.

‘Tommy is going to knock this bitch out cold!’ he said before being boo’d.

‘This is beautiful for the game. These boys have done a fantastic job, it’s sold out and it’s absolutely amazing.’

Logan Paul still nursing a cut

Logan Paul is nursing his cut but managed to joke about the microphone holding more danger than his opponent tonight.

He said: ‘My face is feeling good. It was close. I’ll call it a scrape… do you want a close up bro? My biggest opponent is these mics, they’re f***ing sharp.’

Logan Paul has ‘forgiven’ Dillon Danis

Logan Paul says he’s forgiven Dillon Danis for taking jabs at his fiancee.

Talking backstage, he said: ‘I reached a little bit of a zen moment last night because he’s made it so personal. How do you go in there not wanting to murder him?

‘The answer is I forgive him. I know my skills, I know how to beat him. I won’t fight with ego. I will fight with skill and precision.’


He holds his Misfits Lightweight title.

Deen The Great reveals his shoulder ‘came out’ during the fight after a previous injury.

He calls out Manchester for their tasteless food and renames the city ‘Deenchester’.

The influencer finalises by calling out Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis.

To the judges…

That was fight of the night.

Walid showed his heart and came out fighting in the last round but Deen The Great should be winning this.

He could’ve knocked out Deen The Great, who threw himself out of the ring to waste some time.

These are two of the very best in this scene.

Walid Sharks vs Deen The Great: Into the final round

Somehow Walid Sharks is still standing.

It’s been all Deen The Great. I’m surprised Walid Sharks’ team haven’t thrown in the towel yet.

He has to get a knock-out to win.

Tommy Fury arrives

Tommy Fury is here and ready in his hometown.

He takes on KSI in the main event later tonight.,

Can KSI do it?

KSI would shock the world if he beats Tommy Fury.

He seems to think that he can do it.

Walid Sharks hits the canvas again

Deen The Great knocks Walid Sharks down twice in round 2.

He’s back up and we’re going into the third round.

Deen The Great knocks Walid Sharks down!

The first standing count of the bout.

Deen The Great knocks Walid Sharks down in round 2 and he’s out for blood!

The heir to KSI’s throne?

Deen The Great is up next.

He’s been tipped by many, including KSI himself, to take the influencer boxing world on his shoulders once KSI retires.

He’ll need to win today to prove his worth.

Jake Paul has arrived

If KSI is to win tonight it’s perfectly set up for him to jump in the ring…

Dillon Danis on Facetime to Conor McGregor

Everyone is looking out for Conor McGregor.

But he doesn’t appear to be in the arena.

Mail Sport’s Charlotte Daly has spotted the UFC star on Facetime to Danis ahead of his bout.

NEXT UP: Walid Sharks vs Deen The Great

This could be fight of the night.

It’s the rematch everyone wanted.

Last time they faced each other, Walid Sharks was winning every round… then Deen the Great knocked him out.

It only takes one punch, people.

Even more celebrities

As we close in on the main events, the celebrities are arriving.

Sir Mo Farah joins Eddie Hearn, while Jill Scott is here along with Louis Theroux.

Theroux shares a strong relationship with KSI, having worked on a fight documentary together in the past.

KSI on how he BEATS Tommy Fury

KSI has just spoken to DAZN.

He’s given away his game plan.

‘It’s going to be a long day for Tommy,’ he said. ‘Tommy, you’re going to hate today bro.

‘It’s easy to get under people’s skin. I’m calm, relaxed, I know what I need to do.

‘He can’t deal with it. I’m letting the pressure build then eventually lights out. I have to hit him and he’ll understand he can’t rush me, simple. I won’t need luck bro.’


All three judges score the bout 49-45 in favour of Anthony Taylor.

He’s the new Misfits light heavyweight champion and falls on his back in celebration

End of the fight

Anthony Taylor did what he needed to do.

I’ll be shocked if this isn’t a win for the American.

Disappointing from King Kenny.

Into the final round

‘Why are you backing up and trying to box when you’re losing a fight?’ asks Daley Perales.

Brutal from Kenny’s coach and brother.

It’s time to go for the knockout.


King Kenny sees a point deducted for excessive holding.

If he’s to win this, it will need to be a knock-out.

Commentators aren’t happy

I’m not too sure why but the commentators are complaining with Anthony Taylor’s game plan.

Yes, it’s not making for the best watch.

But you’re matching him against a man with a huge reach advantage…

Kenny has to find his range

King Kenny is allowing Anthony Taylor to rush him.

He needs to find his range and utilise his reach advantage.

There could be a knock-out here, if Taylor rushes him and Kenny can land a clean hand.

King Kenny’s coach is not happy

Daley Perales, brother and coach of King Kenny, is telling him he’s not been good enough.

He’s encouraged his fighter to push Anthony Taylor back and bully him.

The celebrities are in the house

Could he walk KSI out today?

Scrappy fight so far

Anthony Taylor is rushing King Kenny to get on the inside.

It ends up with Kenny clenching his opponent and the pair have spent the majority of the fight holding onto each other.

Anthony Taylor with a wild start

I’ve never seen anything like this.

Anthony Taylor sprints at King Kenny like he’s in the MMA.

Kenny just grabs him before the referee separates the two.

The loudest cheer of the night so far

What a reception for King Kenny.

This could be the main event itself. The whole of Manchester are backing him.

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal are in the building

Logan Paul has arrived alongside his fiancee Nina Agdal.

Just a reminder, if you need it, she is taking Dillon Danis to court.

UP NEXT: King Kenny vs Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor went the distance with Tommy Fury before.

He’s coming in off a win against one of the highest-rated influencer boxers in Salt Papi.

Could he pull off another upset and beat King Kenny next?


The judges score it four rounds to none.

It was a perfect game plan from the man fighting out of Thailand.

He could go far in this scene!

My Mate Nate celebrates winning the Misfits Light Heavyweight Title match against Whindersson Nunes Batista during the MF and DAZN: X Series event at the AO Arena, Manchester. Picture date: Saturday October 14, 2023. PA Photo. See PA story BOXING Manchester. Photo credit should read: Will Markland/PA Wire.RESTRICTIONS: Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder.

Result up next

That may be one of the better technical fights you’ll see in influencer boxing.

My Mate Nate found his range and used his jab, throwing a lot of punches.

Whindersson Nunes went for the power shots and tried to knock him down.

Let’s see how the judges score this. For me, it’s My Mate Nate or a draw.

The most respectful fight ever?

It’s no secret that My Mate Nate may be the nicest guy in the crossover boxing scene.

He brought Whindersson Nunes Thai sweets in the press conference.

Each time the bell goes, he puts his glove out to fist bump his opponent too.

KSI is here

Here comes the nightmare.

KSI is in the building. He fights in the main event against Tommy Fury later.

My Mate Nate starting strong

My Mate Nate has shown some good footwork in the first round.

He has a strong jab and looks to be the better boxer technically.

Whindersson Nunes is one scary guy though.

Ryan Taylor is here

Ryan Taylor was supposed to face Swarmz in a prelim fight earlier today.

However, he was arrested in the build-up and took to X to admit that he couldn’t make weight after being in jail ahead of the fight.

He’s made it to the U.K. from Dubai though, and he’s watching on.

It could’ve been so different for Swarmz, who was knocked out by Ed Matthews just 30 seconds in.

UP NEXT: Whindersson Nunes vs My Mate Nate

Next up is the Brazilian star Whinderson Nunes. He has over 60,000,000 followers on Instagram alone.

He takes on My Mate Nate.

Both of these fighters lost to King Kenny in the Kingpyn tournament earlier this year.


Pineda Coladas and WassabiLMAO in the tag team event ends in a draw.

It’s probably fair, but Alex Wassabi vs Luis Pineda could have been a bout of it’s own, while I’d have loved to have seen B-Dave take on NichLmao himself.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14: Luis Alcaraz Pineda punches Alex Wassabi (Alexander Burriss) during the Misfits Tag Team fight between NichLmao (Nicholai Perrett) and Alex Wassabi (Alexander Burriss) of Team Wassabi LMAO v Luis Alcaraz Pineda and Brandon Davis of Team Los Pinedas Colladas at AO Arena on October 14, 2023 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images)

Eddie Hearn is here

Eddie Hearn said in recent days that his kids were begging to be in attendance tonight.

Turns out he’s given in – he’s arrived!

Dillon Danis arrives

Many were expecting him not to show up but Dillon Danis is here!

The MMA star has arrived in fashion, pulling up to the arena in a Rolls Royce.

The action so far

The prelims provided great entertainment earlier.

We started off with DTG vs SX, with DTG coming out on top with a first round knock-out.

Then came the Women’s Flyweight clash as Astrid Wett came out on top by a split decision, which caused some discussion in the arena.

Tempo Arts took the Misfits Heavyweight title, with another controversial decision.

Then came Ed Matthews, who took the fight on just a few days’ notice – and knocked Swarmz out just 30 seconds in.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14: DTG (Ayodeji Araoye) celebrates a first round knock out of  S-X (Sam Andrew Gumbley) (not pictured) after the Misfits Heavyweight fight between S-X (Sam Andrew Gumbley) and DTG (Ayodeji Araoye) at AO Arena on October 14, 2023 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images)
Astrid Wett (left) and Alexia Grace in action during their Misfits Women's Flyweight match during the MF and DAZN: X Series event at the AO Arena, Manchester. Picture date: Saturday October 14, 2023. PA Photo. See PA story BOXING Manchester. Photo credit should read: Will Matthews/PA Wire.RESTRICTIONS: Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder.
Tempo Arts celebrates his victory in the Misfits Heavyweight Title against Chase de Moor during the MF and DAZN: X Series event at the AO Arena, Manchester. Picture date: Saturday October 14, 2023. PA Photo. See PA story BOXING Manchester. Photo credit should read: Will Matthews/PA Wire.RESTRICTIONS: Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder.
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14: Ed Matthews celebrates victory over Swarmz (Brandon Scott) (not pictured) after the Misfits Super Middleweight fight between Swarmz (Brandon Scott) and Ed Matthews at AO Arena on October 14, 2023 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images)

Undercard underway!

What a first round it’s been in the first round of the tag team match up.

We’ve seen Alex Wassabi drop Luis Pineda and make him bleed from the nose before B-Dave was tagged in and dropped Wassabi himself.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14: Referee Ian John-Lewis checks on Alex Wassabi (Alexander Burriss) after being knocked down during the Misfits Tag Team fight between NichLmao (Nicholai Perrett) and Alex Wassabi (Alexander Burriss) of Team Wassabi LMAO v Luis Alcaraz Pineda and BDave (Brendon Davis) of Team Los Pinedas Colladas at AO Arena on October 14, 2023 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images)
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