Ian Wright admits Andre Onana ‘FRIGHTENS’ him and would find it ‘scary’ to play alongside Man United’s summer signing… as Roy Keane says it’s a ‘long way back’ after a ‘really poor start’ for the goalkeeper


Ian Wright has claimed that it would be ‘scary’ to play alongside Man United‘s summer signing Andre Onana.

The Cameroonian goalkeeper has had a tough start to life at Old Trafford since replacing David de Gea, making a number of high-profile errors since his £47m move from Inter Milan.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright, on The Overlap, has admitted that Onana ‘frightens him’ over the number of mistakes he has already made.

He said: ‘When you look at the mistakes, hopefully he’s got the mentality to get through it. 

‘Not even as a Man United fan, he frightens me simply because he makes so many mistakes. Because if you score two then you will still worry you will concede three. 

Andre Onana has made a number of high-profile errors already since joining Man United

Ian Wright (right) told The Overlap that playing alongside Onana would 'scare him'

Ian Wright (right) told The Overlap that playing alongside Onana would ‘scare him’

‘It would scare me playing with him at the moment. On the floor he’s very good and his passing, but I’m not seeing in the way he plays that makes me think he’s getting through that (his poor form).

Wright also said that Onana’s outward confidence during games is a ‘facade’.  

Roy Keane, also a pundit on The Overlap, joked that Man United should go back in for free agent David de Gea given Onana’s rough start at Old Trafford.

When asked by Gary Neville what he makes of Onana, he responded: ‘Not great, it’s been a really poor start.  

‘We talk about positions at any big club. Goalkeeper at Man United is huge for that personality, deal with mistakes but he’s already made six, seven, eight big mistakes that have lead to goals. 

‘It’s not been a great start it’s a long way back. We’ve had keepers at United who have had a tricky start and we thought they were really good goalkeepers but there seems to be no way back for him.’

Jamie Carragher said the next ‘four to six weeks’ people will work out whether he’s just making mistakes or if he is a bad goalkeeper.

He also hit out at Onana for shouting at Harry Maguire, after the defender made a pre-season mistake against Borussia Dortmund.

Jamie Carragher questioned whether Erik ten Hag's (left) summer signing is just making mistakes or is a 'bad keeper'

Jamie Carragher questioned whether Erik ten Hag’s (left) summer signing is just making mistakes or is a ‘bad keeper’ 

Carragher said: ‘Is he making mistakes or is he a bad keeper? I think we will work that out in the next four to six weeks in how people actually see him. 

‘Is he just having a really bad run? Is he playing in front of a really poor back four and his confidence is gone?  He is a good keeper he has played in the Champions League final but I can’t get out of my head what he did to Maguire. 

‘I thought it was awful and can’t get it out of my head. He’s going through a really bad time. Physchologically it must be really affecting him, he’s probably never had this attention before, he’s at a new club and how would he feel if someone was running at him, throwing their arms around like a lunatic. 

‘It was a pre-season game you don’t need to go mad. It was only his second game for Man United he didn’t concede a goal, Maguire made a mistake on the half-way line and everyone is on his back having a really bad time. He’s (Onana) only been here two minutes.’

Keane suggested that Onana wouldn’t have shouted at Maguire if he knew he would go on to make a number of mistakes.

When asked by Carragher how he would feel if he was Maguire, Keane replied: ‘I’d probably tell him (Onana) where to go. Harry’s a big boy. 

‘Peter (Schmeichel) would do that all the time but then he would back it up. If the keeper knew these mistakes were coming he might have a bit of go-easy before you start rattling and raving at people, make sure about your own game.’

Neville compared Onana’s struggles to Man United keepers the club had after Schmeichel’s departure and before Edwin van der Sar’s arrival.

He also suggested that the 27-year-old can learn from De Gea, who also struggled at the beginning of his time at Old Trafford.

Neville said: ‘We’ve lived with it post Peter and pre Van der Sar we had Mark Bosnich, Fabian Barthez, Roy Carroll, Tim Howard, Ricardo, Massimo Taibi that’s six I can think of in a very short period of time and it was really unsettling for them. 

‘They’re good lads but you could feel that unsettled feeling. It was a bit of a flip flop. You knew you didn’t have Peter. Then Edwin came in as he was calm and had that stature. 

‘David de Gea didn’t have a great start but he came out of it and that’s something Onana will have to look at.


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