Google launches Pixel Diagnostic App and new repair manuals to fix Pixels easily


Google has launched a new Pixel Diagnostic App for the Pixel phones and released new repair manuals in English and French to make fixing Pixel phones easier.

The Pixel Diagnostic App allows users to test their Pixels for issues before and after a repair and also see if their device is functioning properly after it’s repaired. The app can be launched from the Pixel’s Phone app by dialing *#*#7287#*#*, but make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet before proceeding.

If you have to send your Pixel for repairs, you can use the new Repair Mode for Pixels to protect your data and prevent access to it when it’s getting repaired. Just turn it on before handing your phone to the repair technician, and turn it off after receiving it.

And if you decide to repair your Pixel yourself, Google has new repair manuals to make fixing the Pixel easier. The manuals are available in English and French. You can head this way for the repair manuals and learn more about the Pixel Diagnostic App.

Google also said it has partnered with independent repair providers, like uBreakiFix, to provide support for the Pixels at more than 700 locations in the US, regardless of their warranty status.

Google launches Pixel Diagnostic App and repair manuals to fix Pixels easily

Moreover, the internet search giant announced the availability of repair fixtures and tools from Shyft Global Services to improve device repairability. Google also has a partnership with iFixit for genuine spare parts for its devices.



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