Co-care pilot scheme webinar held


The Health Bureau today held a webinar to answer queries from doctors listed in the Primary Care Directory about the implementation details of the Chronic Disease Co-Care (CDCC) Pilot Scheme.


A total of 100 doctors attended the event and were urged to take action in practising as a family doctor.


The webinar was chaired by Commissioner for Primary Healthcare Pang Fei-chau and Director of the Strategic Purchasing Office Cheung Wai-lun. They elaborated on the scheme’s details such as laboratory investigations, drug ordering and calculation methods for the pilot scheme’s incentive awards.


The webinar also introduced the CDCC Pilot Scheme’s information technology platform. Doctors will be supported by the platform to verify eligibility of participants and complete enrolments, store clinical documentation, place orders for and prescribe medication, arrange laboratory investigations and follow-up services by allied health professionals as well as manage claims for consultation fees and additional charges.


Dr Pang noted that in countries and regions with well-developed primary healthcare services, citizens are taken care of by the same doctor for long-term follow-up consultations in prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


He said that such an approach accomplishes a trusted holistic medical care model through which the quality of citizens’ healthy lives is improved.


“We anticipated that by having the key elements of primary healthcare services in place through the CDCC Pilot Scheme, we can alleviate the pressure on the public healthcare sector in the long run.”


Dr Cheung added that the bureau has been in close communication with various stakeholders and noted that it has made reference to similar programmes such as the scope of the scheme drug list and the arrangements for doctors to purchase basic-tier drugs on the list from designated drug suppliers at discounted prices.


The bureau, which has hosted five webinars so far for the pilot scheme, pointed out that the Government will continue to connect with medical groups and stakeholders, and recruit more family doctors to ensure ample options are available for selection by citizens at the time of its launch in mid-November.


For enquiries, call 2157 0500. Dedicated staff of the hotline will answer calls from 9am to 9pm from Mondays to Saturdays.


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