CHARM Food-mart

Essential food for healthy diet

CHARM Personal Care

Personel care services provided for needy retirees

CHARM Taberna

Outlets supplying health related products

CHARM Vicinia

Local and overseas retirement homes offering quality assisted-living services.

CHARM Food-mart

Apart from wet market and traditional supermarkets such as Great, Market Place by Jasons, ParknShop etc, there are a number of food stores (incl. online) that sell good quality food ingredients and supplies, which enable living a happy and long healthy life.

CHARM Personal Care

There is a strong demand for personal care services for senior people who want to achieve longevity and live with personal support.


CHARM Taberna lists out shops that sell a wide range of equipment for aged mobility support and health products that are required for maintaining good physical shape and conditions when getting old.

CHARM Vicinia (neighbourhood)

There are senior homes, which are operated by both the public and private sector in Hong Kong. Senior living developments with high quality on-site support are very common in overseas countries such as Australia and UK. The popularity of such developments is gradually increasing in China, as senior people can now live independently with reliable on-site living and health support becoming readily available.

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