Canalys: Global PC market is slowly recovering, yearly decline narrows to 7%


Canalys posted its quarterly report on the global PC market, and the results are bringing a glimpse of hope after a rough start of the year. According to the data, PCs shipped between July and September 2023 were 65.5 million, which is 6.7% less than the same period last year, but is nowhere near the 30% yearly decline we saw in Q1 ’23.

Major players like Lenovo, Dell, Apple and Asus shipped fewer units on a yearly basis, but the major takeaway is they all managed to clear inventory and are in a better financial position, posting a sequential growth in shipments, even after accounting for the demand boost from the education sector that happens in Q2.

Q3 2023 shipments
(in thousands)
Q3 2023
market share
Q3 2022 shipments
in thousands
Q3 2022
market share
Lenovo 16,031 24.5% 16,698 23.8% -4.0%
HP 13,512 20.6% 12,689 18.1% 6.5%
Dell 10,255 15.6% 11,963 17.0% -14.3%
Apple 6,421 9.8% 9,063 12.9% -29.1%
Asus 4,882 7.4% 5,466 7.8% -10.7%
Others 14,445 22.0% 14,372 20.5% 0.5%
Total 65,546 100.0% 70,250 100.0% -6.7%

The breakdown of the market leaders revealed Apple facing a 29% decline in total shipments, but Canalys reminded that Apple faced a strong Q3 last year, when it was able to fulfill pent-up demand over the pandemic.

Canalys: Global PC market is slowly recovering, yearly decline narrows to 7%

Many of the issues that have plagued the PC market are now easing, said Kieren Jessop, Research Analyst at Canalys. Vendors can now look forward to an additional demand boost from AI, and the expectation is that the adoption of AI-capable PCs will accelerate from 2025 onward.



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