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I was walking past a familiar park yesterday when I saw the sun beam on the trees in such a way where the trees appeared almost golden. There were leaves falling down, slowly. On the ground, leaves blew around. I heard the occasional crunch as leaves ran along the concrete of the street on which I was walking. I looked back and admired the trees, in awe of how beautiful the light made them.

I later noticed that, seemingly all of a sudden, people are wearing autumn clothes. Longer coats; thicker coats. This reminds me of the cosiness of autumn. Cardigans, pumpkins, sipping warm tea.

The outdoors are getting cold, but outdoors one can see the awesome beauty that nature shows in autumn.

On the same path, I started to sniffle. (The word “sniffle” makes me laugh.) It is that time of year when I sniffle because of the cold temperature outside. Then, when I get inside, I am back to normal.

These are three small tales of the change from summer to autumn this year. What have you noticed during the change in seasons?


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