Apple Watch sales ban is happening despite appeals


Apple was ordered to pull the Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 from stores in the United States following a patent dispute with Masimo, a California-based health tech company and a monitoring device manufacturer.

The Cupertino maker disagreed with the motion and asked for the ban to be postponed while it legally appealed the decision. Sadly for Tim Cook and co, the ITC (International Trade Commission) denied the motion, meaning Apple has to pull the watches from its store by the end of this day, December 21, and from the Apple stores across the US by the end of this week, December 24.

The US companies’ patent dispute is that Apple allegedly uses Masimo’s technology for the SpO2 sensor in Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2. Two cases were filed on the matter – one with the US District Court and another with the ITC. Until there is a resolution, Apple will be prohibited from selling the wearables.

Apple Watch sales ban is happening despite appeals

Users who already purchased these two devices can continue using them without a problem, and the ban does not affect any other Apple watches. People can also get them as a holiday gift from any Apple partner, such as BestBuy or Amazon. Still, the manufacturer will be prohibited from supplying them after the Dec 24 deadline.



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