Alert issued to grave sweepers


The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department today reminded people paying tribute to ancestors at graveyards in the countryside during the Chung Yeung Festival period to exercise caution and prevent hill fires.


The department said grave sweepers should remove weeds around graves using tools and that they should never burn weeds. It added that burning should only be done inside a container or iron bucket and reminded grave sweepers to extinguish all kindling before leaving grave sites.


The department’s staff will distribute metal containers for grave sweepers who require them to carry out offerings involving burning at suitable locations in country parks during the festival period.


The staff will also step up patrols at graveyards in the countryside during the festival period and take enforcement action against any irregularities.


People who leave behind unextinguished kindling or burn offerings without considering fire risks in the countryside may be prosecuted and are liable to a maximum fine of $25,000 and one year’s imprisonment upon conviction.


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