Active Engagement

Offering advice to or professional experience sharing with young students and professionals in their respective fields of expertise, coming up with new project proposals and looking for fellow retirees to get involved, participating in voluntary charity work and contributing to our CHARM forum are ways to continue active engagement with the society.

Professional Experience Sharing

Contact our pool of highly qualified, retired professional volunteers in their respective areas of expertise for free professional advice or mentoring support.

Social Engagement

A number of charities in Hong Kong welcome physical voluntary support from retirees. Please visit their respective web pages to find out how to join them.

Continuous Education

Continuous education, also known as lifelong learning, is the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and skills beyond formal education. It ensures individuals stay current in their fields, adapt to changing technologies, and remain competitive in the job market. Furthermore, continuous education fosters personal growth, critical thinking, and adaptability, contributing to career success and overall effectiveness.

Employment Opportunities

We have a pool of highly qualified retired professionals in our CHARM community.
All companies are welcomed to advertise here for temporary / permanent job openings.
Likewise, members of our CHARM community are encoraged to put up their details if willing to engage in temporary or permanent work assignments.

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