CHARM stands for Community, Health, Active Engagement, Retirement Planning and Mindfulness.

We strongly believe that retirees could lead a happy and fulfilling retirement life by continuing to participate in a Community which share common interests, being conscious in ensuring both physical and mental Health, maintaining an Active Engagement with the society, carrying out proper and careful Retirement Planning and having a healthy and positive mindset. We welcome anyone who shares with our beliefs to join our CHARM family.


By creating a community of different interest groups, retirees can join and participate in various activities and events organized by our CHARM Clubs within the community, sharing their professional experience and knowledge with young students  and network with other retirees who share common interests.


Health matters, be they physical or mental, are definitely on the top of the priority list of many retirees. Retirees can learn more about general wellbeing and health related issues from our website. They are also welcomed to share their good health tips in the blog section. Information on various service providers such as health checks, resident nurse support, within and outside Hong Kong are also set out in this website.

Active Engagement

Retirees can continue to actively engage in social activities by opting to get involved voluntarily in their respective choices of charity organisations, offering free mentoring support or professional advice to young students or professionals in need, seeking potential technical or funding participants in new project initiatives, or accepting short term work assignments.  This is a win-win arrangement for everyone involved as both the givers and receivers would benefit from this.  So please do get involved.

Retirement Planning

Careful retirement planning in the area of time, financial & wealth management and estate is critically important to all retirees who want to lead a worry-free and happy post-retirement life. Successful tips, proven useful tactics and practices and products available in the market can be shared to help incumbent retirees better formulate and manage their retirement plans.


Having a healthy and positive mindset is critical to live happily and achieve longevity post-retirement. Attaining the right mental attitudes towards life and achieving internal peace through meditation and regular exercises would instill positive energy inside us.

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